Bay Roberts Heritage Society
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Bay Roberts
Newfoundland & Labrador
The Cable Building
321 Water Street
Bay Roberts,
NL, Canada

N 47.5963, W 53.2543

The Bay Roberts Heritage Society Inc., a volunteer organization, is the corporate body
responsible for meeting all legal and regulatory requirements, including maintaining registered
charitable status, and determining policy. At the request of the Heritage Society, the Town
Council assigns one or two Council representatives as liaison persons.  For years the Society
annually advertised publicaly for new members but only one came forth.  Many people
expressed an interest and wanted to actively support the Society but were bound by work,
family, education, or other community commitments.  Finally, the Society, in following the trend
in St. John’s and across the country, set up a “Friends of The Museum” organization for those
who would make a valued contribution on an as-and-when available basis.  This group meets
on the first Thursday of every second month, except during the summertime, and new
members are always welcome.  The contribution of these “Friends” is essential to the ongoing
operation of the museum and gallery.
Klondyke Parade

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