Bay Roberts Heritage Society
Bay Roberts Heritage Society 2014 All rights reserved.
Bay Roberts
Newfoundland & Labrador
The Cable Building
321 Water Street
Bay Roberts,
NL, Canada

N 47.5963, W 53.2543

  •  Obtained $1.5 million in grants for Bay Roberts projects.

  •  Attended numerous Heritage related seminars and workshops.

  • Worked with the Johnson Foundation to compile and erect a Community    History

  • Provided descriptive plaques for: the wreck of the Hebe; the Cable Landing; and the     
    Shoreline Heritage Walk.

  • Provided heritage articles for the Klondyke Days publications and the Klondyke

  • Completed “The Cable Building Story” featured on the Virtual website.  It
    features 144 pictures depicting the history of the Western Union operation in Bay
    Roberts, and present use of the building.

  • Worked with the Province to present a special “Marconi Exhibit” in 2001 to celebrate
    Marconi’s achievements.

  • Helped promote local artists, notably Gary Kennedy, by facilitating several exhibits.

  • Assisted the Town with Special Celebrations, such as developing the Klondyke logo,
    taking part in the annual Klondyke parade, cooperating on heritage related projects,
    and serving on Town committees.

  • Volunteered extensive man-hours of work in the reconstruction and maintenance of the
    two walks, the Cable Building development, and summer employment for students.

  • Produced a map of Bay Roberts East recording the names of all the rocks and coves
    and trap berths, and a brochure on The Shoreline Heritage Walk.

  • Hosted the annual conference of the Museum Association of Newfoundland and

  • Was instrumental in presenting a symposium on “The History of the Conception Bay
    Fishery on the Labrador” hosted by the Newfoundland Historical Society in June 2000.

  • Hosted numerous classes of students, youth groups, and seniors [such as CN
    Pensioners and  Elder Hostel].

  • Judged School Heritage Fairs on local and provincial levels.

  • Officially endorsed the Shearstown Estuary Plan and participated in a one-day clean up.

  • Promoted the projects and the Town through several TV specials.

  • Society members have served on the Boards of: Museum Association of Newfoundland
    & Labrador, Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland & Labrador, Newfoundland Historical
    Society, Baccalieu Trail Heritage Corporation, and Historic Sites & Monuments Board of